WordPress Development – A Complete Guide to Get Started

Do you want to start with WordPress development, or are you already making some money with your website but you’re looking to get deeper into the development process? This article will go over everything that is most essential for you to know about WordPress development. Let’s discover some magical things associated with WordPress Development that are considered as most essential, and no one can be neglected easily.

WordPress Theme Development

To know what is WordPress Theme development, you have first to understand what a theme is. A theme is a bundle of CSS stylesheets and HTML elements that define a website’s look and feel. Several frameworks have been created for WordPress, such as Twig, Classic, Sizzle, and CofePress.

They are useful in theme development but don’t require a strong understanding of coding. A theme is a simple thing to write, and for most people, it takes only a day or two to write one. Since the development of WordPress, there has been a wide range of themes available. This makes it easy for designers and developers to select a theme that will suit their designs.

WordPress Plugin Development

There are many different plugins and extensions that you can utilize to create a unique look and feel for your WordPress site. Creating a WordPress plugin has many advantages that go beyond the ease of accessibility for users. Developing a WordPress plugin can easily be a profitable business venture.

WordPress plugins can be used to create a new website that will take your website’s traffic and funnel it into the WordPress plugin. A good WordPress plugin is an opportunity for the owner to set prices, sales goals, create marketing strategies, and have access to many types of promotional materials, like Google AdSense and DoubleClick for Publishers, and many more. All of these advantages mean that a WordPress plugin can easily be a profitable business venture.

Custom eCommerce

Ecommerce is one of the biggest platforms in the world that allows anybody to sell their products online. There are many ways through which you can sell your products online. For ecommerce, you can do either in-house or outsourced product development. Because the eCommerce platform and the HTML/CSS of your site are made for, you can develop your custom eCommerce store on your WordPress-based site.

The best part about custom eCommerce is that if you don’t have experience, you can learn from experts. WordPress enables businesses to quickly produce custom eCommerce websites without writing a line of code. However, with this flexibility comes a certain level of complexity. Thankfully, there are many WordPress themes and plugins available to add eCommerce functionality to your site.

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is the open-source content management system (CMS) for WordPress. It provides a wide range of features that are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. WooCommerce is free to use, and the open-source nature of the CMS means you can also contribute and help grow the framework. WordPress is becoming more and more popular for eCommerce solutions, as it has a simple architecture that is fully customizable, robust, and lightning-fast. 

WordPress WooCommerce development is the process of building, improving, and developing WordPress WooCommerce e-commerce websites. WooCommerce is an e-commerce WordPress plugin. With WooCommerce, you can build an online shop selling physical products or digital products, like apps, eBooks, online courses, etc. WooCommerce can be used to build ecommerce websites, online stores, or marketplaces.

API Integration

API Integration in WordPress will give you the freedom to set up and maintain a single API for accessing your theme functionality. For the developers who are already familiar with plugins, this is a very cool feature and something you would want to implement as soon as possible.

The best way to describe API Integration in WordPress is as follows. You can develop and deliver your functions as plugins or link to another API repository and generate a single API. The latter is more powerful, and if you are a developer, you’ll understand this better.

WordPress Page Builder

A page builder is one of the features of WordPress, and it can be used to create various page styles and designs. However, WordPress page builders are primarily designed for web designers and developers, and most web pages use this feature to create and maintain. There are some different page-building WordPress builders and plugins available, and each has something different to offer.

A tool called WP-Bakery is a page builder, a plugin for WordPress, and a bit of a powerful tool when it comes to creating your layouts. It has many options for optimizing your content (formats, headings, etc.), but the most important setting you’ll probably want to check is the max-width option. The maximum width is the maximum width you can have without taking up too much space on your page, making it work best for the page you’re creating. WP-Bakery is quite a popular choice for many WordPress website builders. With its easy-to-use interface, it lets users create a good-looking page quickly and easily. WP-Bakery does not have a free plan, but you can still create a well-built site for free with its 1-month trial plan. 

Similarly, WordPress page builder “Divi” is an incredibly easy-to-use front-end theme. It comes with powerful and flexible tools for creating dynamic, customized blogs, and you can even use it for a portfolio. Divi uses a powerful drag and drop system that you can manipulate as much as you wish. Divi also uses the Material Design standard and you can easily change the entire theme layout with just a few clicks.

Website Manager

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, Website Manager is the easiest way to manage multiple blogs (multi-author blogs, WooCommerce or Create Space, Ecommerce websites). For WordPress admins, it’s a lifesaver. If you’re a new user, first, browse the list of available themes (we have WZB Mobile, WG1 & WG2 themes for iOS/Android). Website Manager is similar to WordPress SEO Plugin. This means it has a lot of the same functionality that you get in WordPress SEO Plugin. To make it a bit more useful for PHP, you can install PHP files that you can use to accomplish more complex tasks.

Concluding Words:

Learning WordPress Development is an amazing journey! After discovering all these things related to WordPress, anyone can easily get started on their journey to WordPress. We can say that WordPress development is taking the place of other popular CMS software due to its advanced functionality and flexibility.