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Website speed is that   how fast the content load from server to your local machine to display in web browser. Page load time is the time between the clicking and loading the web page content requested browser.


There are some aspects to understand  web page speed.

To view the time taken by web server delivering HTML content to web browser.

How browser respond to page request.

End User as requested web page renders in browser this is best way to measure page speed.

If your website speed low it impact on the website performance user experience  search results web site responsiveness and load time bad use experience and many other .So it need that your page load fast for better performance.


How To Optimize Website to Increase page Speed if its taking long time to load

You can check you site speed on Google speed test    PageSpeed Insights

Or in Pingdom Tool   there are many other available but most used these tools.


There are different Steps to Increase page load.


Image optimisation to increase site Speed 

Image   are the main key for website because all the impression by images  like “Like a picture is worth rather than one thousand words” . But if you image are bigger in size and take time to load that will give you low page loading and site take long time to load as soon as image load . For this you need to optimise you images according to need and quality. Images should be in lesser size so they load easily when web browser request info from site . You can use Photoshop and online tool to optimise image Photoshop is better because we don’t compromise with quality of image in website .


By reducing URL Redirecting 

When visitor visit to web browser then if you page redirecting visitor need to wait for more time to see page because page load again on redirection HTTP request cycle to complete. So by reducing page redirection we can increase web page load speed.


Leverage Browser Caching 

When your site loads in web browser it save some information on local machine like CSS HTMl files to load page easily on next visit for repeated resource. In the leverage browser cache you need to define the expire time for all the downloadable data instruct browser for how much long you want to save data so if visitor visit from same resource   can see best fast page load because   old resource can be used that time and no need to download all data again . you can read more about this here Leverage Browser Caching


Server Response Time need to approve 

There may be slow server response time due to slow database quarries ,Slow routing or lack of memory you need to fix them to increase server speed .Normal server response time is under 200ms.


Enable Compression 

You can use Gzip compression to compress CSS, JS, HTML files that are larger in size . You do not need to compress Image files by this way because that may reduce the quality of image and you site will not look good you can use other tool Photoshop etc for that so you can maintain quality of image accordingly .


Minify   Files For site CSS JS and HTML

You need to minify you files css js html by removing   unnecessary data form files   like comments , remove spaces   commas and other unnecessary   characters . By this way you can increase the page load speed easily. Any tool you use like PageSpeed Insights   which will show you necessary steps for the implementation to increase website speed.


You can use CDN Content Distribution Network

CDN is the server that are used for content Distribution They save the copy of your website on different geographical server location take load on their server and if any visitor visit on you site they provide all info which load faster .

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