Tips for Hiring a Best Web Developer

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Web Developer  can be one of your most critical to  hires. Web developer is  person who will create the your company face on web  and enable you to interact with your client.

It is  important that  you check best developer  for the company . Otherwise, you risk   to lose client , as well as wasting time and money.

Tips that can help in the selection process:

Hire a new developer with small project to check skills

You think you’ve identified your ideal candidate, just to be sure you should give him a small, small project. That can let you observe the person and provide additional information  for the job interview.Check and  see how efficient the candidate is in delivering project  and how tiddy the final project is.


Take aptitude Test to judge developer not with Skills

Skills become obsolete every two years, give or take. So, it’s better to hire a web developer who can learn new technologies easily rather than someone who knows a specific technology now but may not adapt when a new one comes along.

The easiest way to detect whether someone will adapt well to change is to ask questions that will reveal whether a Web developer has a love for learning.

What new programming languages did you learn recently?

What are your go-to places for learning new tech tips and tricks?

What are your favorite technology conferences?

 Can you show me examples of projects with similar goals

Ask for examples of sites with similar goals and features.

Need an online  student registration  tool? Talk to people who can show you one. That way, you can ask why it was built in a certain way, what the challenges were, what results have been measured, and how those results met the project’s goals.

Suppose they haven’t built a similar site before. Are they up-front about it? Do they have any ideas? What challenges would they expect?

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