Cookies Remember me issue PHP

I am at an absolute pickle. I am wanting to create a remember me cookie. Following guides on the net, I am assuming I need to add: if($_POST[‘remember’]){ setcookie(‘remember_me’, $_POST[‘username’], $year); } elseif(!$_POST[‘remember’]){ if(isset($_COOKIE[‘remember_me’])){ $past = time() – 100; setcookie(remember_me, gone, $past); } } $year = time() + 31536000; setcookie(‘remember_me’, $_POST[‘username’], $year); to my authentication.php … Continue reading “Cookies Remember me issue PHP”

Based on Key how to filter from array in javascript?

I am Having a response of all the job orders. { “jobOrders”: [ { “id”: “5b4f7ad860dfee3b009d7452”, “haulier”: { “companyName”: “BigDataMatica”, “email”: “”, “registrationNumber”: “nirmal89HJ”, “companyAddress”: “RSPURAM”, “companyPhone”: “8687678”, “yardAddress”: “Pragatinagar”, “yardPhone”: “69876876”, “haulierCode”: “Haulier”, “billingAddress”: “Pragatinagar” } }, { “id”: “5b501f8f60dfee3b009d7454”, “haulier”: { “companyName”: “BigDataMatica”, “email”: “”, “registrationNumber”: “nirmal89HJ”, “companyAddress”: “RS PURAM”, “companyPhone”: “8687678”, “yardAddress”: … Continue reading “Based on Key how to filter from array in javascript?”

UIView animation shadowPath doesn’t follow

I have a UIView with a expand function that I made. When I call this function, the UIView stays centered, and I expand its width. The issue is that my UIView has a shadow, with a shadowPath. Whenever I expand it, the shadow is imediatly expanded to the maximum width the view will get at … Continue reading “UIView animation shadowPath doesn’t follow”

What is the difference between a method and a function in javascript

Can someone give a simple explanation of methods vs. functions in Javascript context? I have not found any answer on stack overflow For more info please click here

AysncTask vs ExecutorService?

I have to download files from a server and these files may be around 100 MBs in size. Previously i used the download manager to download these files but ended up encountering plenty of bugs and having to write complex code to track the status of the downloads. So i decided to write the download … Continue reading “AysncTask vs ExecutorService?”

Using the vscode-regex plugin?

I’ve installed the vscode-regex plugin and I’m now attempting to get it to work. I have the following javascript and text document side by side in VSCode: However I’m not getting any matches in the email.txt document. I tried the keyboard commant ctrl + alt + m, but still no love. Any ideas? For more … Continue reading “Using the vscode-regex plugin?”

translateY of form hides div under it and I can’t move it to display after the form

I need to move form with translateY(), but I have issue that if there is any div on the way of the form on Y axis, form hides the div and I can’t get it from under the form to display it after the form, any suggestions how to fix it? .positions { //div which … Continue reading “translateY of form hides div under it and I can’t move it to display after the form”

Disable Camera Shutter Sound, AudioManager not working in Samsung

I disabled the camera shutter sound like this: if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Build.VERSION_CODES.M){ mgr.setStreamVolume(AudioManager.STREAM_SYSTEM,0,0); mgr.adjustStreamVolume(AudioManager.STREAM_SYSTEM,AudioManager.ADJUST_MUTE, 0); } else { mgr.setStreamMute(AudioManager.STREAM_SYSTEM, true); } This works great for most of my testdevices. If my systemwide soundoptions are on loud, i can disable and enable the shutter sound in my apps settings. I testet on a Samsung A3(2016) and … Continue reading “Disable Camera Shutter Sound, AudioManager not working in Samsung”

Ranorex & C# : Failed to recompile the instrumented code

I’ve a question regarding to APK instrumentation deployment, which in the Ranorex Instrumentation Wizard i’ve selected my Android test APK and it would show error message of “System.Exception: Failed to recompile the instrumented code” I’ve saw some post in the forum suggest to add “-static -multidex” in the setting, but I still encountered the same … Continue reading “Ranorex & C# : Failed to recompile the instrumented code”

Stop audio array loop

I’m trying to build a drum sequencer and have started with a single array of audio which a counter that can loop continuously. I want to stop the audio on a double click, which I’ve done with a stop function. However when looking at the console the counter is still incrementing. I’ve tried to stop … Continue reading “Stop audio array loop”

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