How to populate data in mongoose without changing current schema

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I have already created two schema for mongoose named associates and outlets.
Outlet schema:-

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var Schema = mongoose.Schema;

var OutletSchema = new Schema(
  associate_id: {type: ObjectId, max: 100 },
  city_id:{type:ObjectId, max: 100},
  outlet_name: {type: String, max: 100},
  oulet_address: {type: String, max: 500},
  outlet_contact: {type: String, minlength: 9, maxlength: 12 },
  active: {type: Boolean}`enter code here`

module.exports = mongoose.model('Outlet', OutletSchema);

Associate Schema:-

var mongoose = require('mongoose');

var Schema = mongoose.Schema;
ObjectId = Schema.ObjectId;

var AssociateSchema = new Schema(

  associate_name: {type: String, max: 100},
  associate_address: {type: String, max: 500},
  associate_contact: {type: String, minlength: 9, maxlength: 12 },
  associate_email: {type: String, max: 100},
  active: {type: Boolean}

module.exports = mongoose.model('Associate', AssociateSchema);

these are my schema which i created.

How can i populate outlet in associates using relationship()

i have tried this code which is given below.

router.get('/getUsingPopulate', function (req, res) {
    data = {}
    Associate.relationship({path:'outlet', ref:'Outlet',refPath:'associate_id'})



database of Associate:-

_id: 5b40428088e5f0187dedb342
category_id: 5b34a99709d3ff3e2b5a399c
associate_name: "Cafe Coffee Day"
associate_address: "Coffee day kormangala"
associate_contact: "989545458645"
associate_email: ""
active: true
__v: 0

database of outlet:-

_id: 5b4471f4c5bf8018409c7c64
associate_id: 5b40428088e5f0187dedb342
city_id: 5b3c49fee0de9210a60a2266
outlet_name: "Coffee Day Whitefield"
oulet_address: " Coffee Day Whitefield"
outlet_contact: "7587454478"
active: true

Expecting output:-

   "_id": "5b40428088e5f0187dedb342",
   "name": "Cafe Coffee Day",
   "outlets": [
       "_id": "5b4471f4c5bf8018409c7c64",
       "associate_id": 5b40428088e5f0187dedb342,
       "name": "Coffee Day Whitefield",


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