Font awesome icon not showing in generated pdf in laravel blade

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I have used font-awesome icon in html that works fine. But when i generate pdf of this html, all css and html working fine, only font awesome icon not showing.

$pdf = PDF2::loadView('templates.'.$request->template_code, ['section' => $section])
                  ->setOption('page-size', 'A4')
                  ->setOption('margin-bottom', '0mm')
                  ->setOption('margin-top', '0mm')
                  ->setOption('margin-right', '0mm')
                  ->setOption('margin-left', '0mm');

        $fileName = 'resumes/'.str_slug($section['info']['data']['first_name']).'-'.$user->id.'.pdf';

        Storage::disk('public')->put($fileName, $pdf->output());

        return Storage::disk('public')->url($fileName);

Here i generate pdf in laravel controller and use font-awesome icon like this in blade

<i class="fa fa-star checked"></i>

Using font-awesome cdn version. How can i show icons in my pdf?

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