Alert controller description message are not multiline , it get truncated tail.?

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I’m using the alert controller (NSMutableAttributedString for title and message) to display an alert, but my message gets truncated at it’s not multiline.
So anyway to multiline the message or I may need to changes any property for that please suggest.
The message comes from a server that’s why it isn’t possible to add the n.

Please post any solution.
Thanks in advance!

I just make normal demo it works perfectly, but I don’t know why it will be not working in my project code?

Here is my code:

    self.navigationController?.navigationBar.isHidden = true
    let alrtTitleStr = NSMutableAttributedString(string:"Title message which will from server")
    alrtTitleStr.addAttribute(NSAttributedStringKey.font, value: UIFont.boldSystemFont(ofSize: 18.0) , range: NSRange(location: 0, length: alrtTitleStr.length))

    let alrtMessage = NSMutableAttributedString(string:"Here is the message which comes from server and it should be display in muultiline.")
    alrtMessage.addAttribute(NSAttributedStringKey.font, value:  UIFont.systemFont(ofSize:16.0) , range: NSRange(location: 0, length: alrtMessage.length))

    let alertController = UIAlertController(title: "", message: "", preferredStyle: .alert)
    alertController.setValue(alrtTitleStr, forKey: "attributedTitle")
    alertController.setValue(alrtMessage, forKey: "attributedMessage")

    let btnYes = UIAlertAction(title: "Yes", style: .default, handler: { action in
       //next process
    let btnNo = UIAlertAction(title: "No", style: .default, handler: { action in
        //next process

    self.present(alertController, animated: true, completion: nil)

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